Maths Magic

My maths magic shows focus on numeracy skills, calculation strategies, maths vocabulary and mental arithmetic. They are age appropriate and include tricks to cover repeating patterns, finding the difference, estimating, 2D/3D shapes, place value, times tables and partition skills amongst other topics.

My maths workshops are ideal for KS2. Here the children learn a number of amazing mathematical tricks and how to present them to an audience, whilst gaining confidence with mental arithmetic. For KS1 my maths workshops contain maths activities following up on one or more of the maths concepts or strategies explored in their show.

For KS1

The KS1 and Foundation shows include magic tricks where maths concepts and vocabulary are explored, such as ‘finding the difference’ repeating patterns, sensible guessing, 2D/3D shapes, counting in 2s 3s  5s 10s, more/less than, positional/directional language, working at the appropriate level for their ages.

For KS2

Many of the tricks featured in the KS2 shows use appropriate maths learning such as recalling multiplication facts, and partition skills to work, and cover for example subtracting 2 digit from 3 digit numbers, place value, square/cube numbers, multiple step strategies and mean averages amongst others . The workshops are an opportunity for the children to learn some of the maths tricks presented in the show whilst practising these skills.

A mix of the two

By far the most popular format is a day of shows and workshops, usually a morning of shows for EYFS, KS1, LKS2 and UKS2, followed by an afternoon of workshops for Yrs 5/6. Of course there are many options and a package can be prepared to suit your school.

Twilight sessions

A day of maths shows and workshops can be rounded off by adding a 45/60 min after school twilight session. The most popular option for this flexible format is one where adults are invited to join the pupils for an after school workshop. The focus is to promote maths at home, and the families learn and work on a number of tricks whilst having fun with maths.

An alternative is a session just for teachers where they learn a number of conjuring skills useful for presenting magic tricks to class whilst exploring maths concepts with the children.

What is your focus?

I am often asked to tailor my general maths days to fit in with a particular area a school is focussing on. It is always a good idea to ask if I am able to complement your focus and make my visit as relevant as possible for your school. A recent example of this was  inverse operations, and normally these requests can be satisfied by adjusting my general maths days slightly. A couple of requests were so frequent or far removed from the norm I devised whole themed days to cater for them and so in 2012 I launched my…………….

 Money Week Maths Day

A day where all the maths is applied to money.

A typical day includes shows for KS2, KS1 and Foundation followed by workshops for year groups of your choice. The sessions are age appropriate and aspects of the topic explored include coin values, equivalent coins, comparing groups of coins, ordering money, counting money, choosing coins to value, adding and subtracting money, change, money puzzles and word problems all presented within magical routines and with plenty of fun.

Then in 2013 saw the launch of my……………

Patterns, Shapes and Nature Day

This day is mainly for KS2 and focusses on maths in the natural world. Included is fun with Tessellation, Mobius bands and Fibonnacci. Once again a show launches the event then workshop activities follow up on the content of my show.


In addition to my general maths magic, money week maths, patterns shapes and nature  days for EYFS, KS1 and KS2, I am delighted to launch further workshops for KS3 and 4.

For KS3

Maths Inspiration Show/Workshops. A maths magic show, aimed at Yr 7 and modelling their learning, full of maths tricks and maths magic tricks. The follow up workshops give the pupils the opportunity to practise these tricks and hone their maths skills.

For KS3/4

Solving Probability Problems. Class size workshops with a few magical routines focussing on the topic of probability, including work with 2 way tables/sample space diagrams and probability trees with and without replacement.


More information for teachers

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Thank you notes

“I have had lots of positive feedback from your visit, especially from our early years team. They said that we have never had a visitor who caters so well for younger children!  Your parents workshop was also the talk of social media that evening! I have passed your details on to our LEA maths team incase they get asked in the future. I will also take your cards to my next subject leader meeting in the Summer Term. Many thanks once again” Philip Lewis, Northam St Georges, Bideford, Devon March 2015

“I just wanted to thank you for coming to our school and being so inspirational. The children absolutely enjoyed every moment with you and many adults too, were keen to try out some of your ideas.” Rachel Newman, North Leigh Primary School Oxon June 2010

“I arrived back at school today and there was a huge buzz from pupils and teachers alike about your maths magic. Everyone absolutely loved it. The Head went as far to say that it was one of the best visits that we have had since she has been at the school.” Jon Smith, St Lawrence CE Junior School East Moseley Surrey May 2010

“It was super to have content pitched so well at all the different primary age groups as well as having the adults in stitches on a regular basis.:)I sincerely look forward to booking your Maths shows again next year.” Clare Selby, St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School High Wycombe Buckinghamshire March 2010.

Maths Magicians at Victor Seymour Infants, Surrey

Assembly for Crofton Anne-Dale, Hants