When you need a touch of magic for adults, children or the whole family; are trying to find a wonderful magician for your wedding, family party or any celebration; you just know a magical twist at your company dinner or corporate event would be the perfect entertainment to have a strong and positive impact on your guests;  Magic including…

  • Close-up Magic
  • Mix-n-Mingle Walkabout Magic
  • Adult, Family or Childrens Magic Shows

…can help you.

Magic by Tony Charles – See it to believe it!

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The standard  fee at any venue in Sussex:-

Close-up Magical Entertainment for Parties and Events

2 hours mix-n-mingle or table magic. £275


Childrens Magic Shows in Sussex

45 min magic show. Real magic show for parties of up to 20 children. £100

2 hour magic theme party. Up to 20 children. Includes 45 min magic show, balloons made whilst the children eat, then a magic workshop where the children make and keep their own magic trick. Suitable for ages 7 and above.  Price includes all resources. For children younger than 7 I can organise and lead the party games after party food instead of the magic workshop. Price includes magic trick prizes for the games.  £175

2 hour science party. Up to 20 children. 45 min magical science show, a break for party food, then a science workshop with rockets and messy experiments. £175

Magic Tricks for Party Bags and Games Prizes

Magic Cup and Ball

Magic Cup and Ball. A ball magically disappears and reapears with this magic cup.
£1.75 each or 10 for £15.00












Trick Playing Cards

Trick Playing Cards. Amaze your friends with these trick cards. Instructions and suggested tricks included. Also extra trick by Tony Charles you can do with any cards.
£2.50 each or 10 for £20.00


Magic Coin Trick

Magic Coin Trick. Make a coin vanish and reappear with this magic prop.
£1.75 each or 10 for £15.00


Spot Paddle Trick

Spot Paddle Trick. Dots jump from one paddle to another. Needs a little practice and so recommended for age 8 and above.
£1.75 each or 10 for £15.00


Wonder Zig Zag Pencil

Wonder Zig Zag Pencil. Divide a solid pencil into three.
£3.50 each or 10 for £30.00


Magic Wand.

Magic Wand. (30cm) Everyone knows a magician is not a magician without a magic wand.
£1.25 each or 10 for £10.00


Wonder Fool Box

Wonder Fool Box. A transparent money box that can not be opened unless you know the secret.
£3.50 each or 10 for £30.00


Wonder Rope Trick

Wonder Rope Trick. A length of rope can be divided into two pieces at any point along it’s length.
£3.00 each or 10 for £25.00


Dice Deception Trick

Dice Deception Trick. A little bit of magic and a little bit of maths makes this trick work. Working outthe value of the hidden sides of a tower of dice without looking at them. Ideal for the mathamagician. With instructions by Tony Charles. Contains 5x22mm coloured dice.
£2.50 each or 10 for £20.00


100 Grid and Multiplication Table Grid Tricks

100 Grid and Multiplication Table Grid Tricks. Included are both grids, a template and instructions for two maths tricks taken from my school shows. This is for expert mathamagicians.
£2.50 each or 10 for £20.00


Disappearing Card Case

Disappearing Card Case. A whole pack of cards vanishes in front of your eyes.
£3.50 each or 10 for £30.00

































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