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COVID-19 Update

Continuing to provide educational entertainment and enrichment. As a result of COVID-19 related restrictions, and the likely future social distancing rules, we are delighted to launch new ways of delivering maths and science days for schools. 

New products for schools.

  • Video Visit. Pre-recorded maths or science workshops for when schools are closed and are using a remote learning platform. Videos available for EYFS, KS1, LKS2 and UKS2. The standard primary school video visit would include a video for each phase, however, if you are partially open or only require videos for a particular phase this can be accommodated. Order from 1-4 workshop videos, although the maximum order quantity shall be increasing shortly.
  • Virtual Visit. Pre-recorded video workshops and/or follow-up/stand alone live video link workshops suitable whilst schools are open for key workers children, or for when schools have wholly or partially returned and wish to restrict the number of visitors to their site. Available are 1-4 pre-recorded workshop videos or 1-4 live link video workshop sessions. Choose  from as few as one of either for a short session, to as many as four of both for a full maths or science focus day, and build a package to suit your individual schools needs. 

The Videos. Each 3-5 min.

All videos will directly address the pupils of the school and would be specifically for their school.

Maths videos will include a maths magic trick and an explanation of how to do it, except for EYFS where the trick will be purely magic but with a focus on their maths learning.

The science videos will include a magical science activity with an explanation of the science explored.

Video Link Workshops. Each 30/45 min.

These can be follow-up activities related to previously sent videos or a stand-alone workshop activity.

  • Visit by Tony Charles.  Assemblies and workshops as per agreed bespoke timetable. Similar to visits prior to the restrictions, however, adhering to the appropriate current social distancing rules.

Contact us for pricing details regarding these exciting new products.

16 years have elapsed since Tony first started presenting maths or science shows and workshops in schools, Working closely with schools and teachers, the aim has always been to develop shows and workshops where the focus is on keeping them both educational and fun.

“The children and staff absolutely loved it! They got a lot out of it and it certainly improved their enjoyment of maths, which was my aim for the week.” Wendy Burnett, Wootton Lower School Bedfordshire June 2010

A child was heard to say–“That man was the best fun we’ve ever had with Maths!” Sarah Hobhouse, Coombe Infant School, Kingston-upon-Thames February 2007

In these pages are details of my…

maths magic shows and workshops...

Focusing on numeracy skills and strategies for mental arithmetic there are a range of shows to suit each year group from Early Years to KS2.

“I’ve heard nothing but praise from Nursery up to Y6 from both pupils and staff.” Rob Fellows, Brookfield Primary School Camden May 2010

The workshops are an opportunity for KS2 children to learn some of these magical tricks whilst reinforcing their maths learning and using their maths skills. A way of gaining confidence with mental arithmetic whilst learning new skills they can take away and impress their parents and friends with.

“The year 6 children demonstrated and taught 3 of your tricks to the parents in our schools maths workshop and it went down a treat.” Nicola Jackson, Erdington Hall Primary School, Birmingham Nov 2007

….magical science shows and workshops

With the focus on learning and fun, these shows for Foundation, KS1 and KS2 contain experiments that appear magical until the science is explored, and tricks where science is relied upon to make the illusion.

“Ihave never seen our children so captivated by a show – It was fantastic, well presented, inspiring and FUN!”
Lisa Murphy, (Science co-ordinator) Heene First School, Worthing June 2008

The class size workshops, with a focus on scientific disciplines such as fair tests, are an opportunity for the children to repeat some of the investigations presented in the show.

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping our Investigation Week get off to such a great start. The children loved the week and your magic was a real highlight.” Glyn Roberts, Bickley Primary School, Bromley March 2008


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